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Discover Colorado Springs

Case Study: Discover Colorado Springs - IN-N-OUT Burger Relocation Website

IN-N-OUT Burger, an iconic brand, was expanding its presence to Colorado Springs and needed an engaging platform to inform and entice employees to relocate to the new area. The Discover Colorado Springs website was designed to highlight the benefits of living in Colorado Springs, providing employees with comprehensive information and resources to make an informed decision about relocation.




The primary goals for the Discover Colorado Springs project were to:

  1. Highlight Livability and Recreation: Showcase the quality of life and recreational opportunities available in Colorado Springs.
  2. Provide Relocation Incentives: Present compelling reasons for IN-N-OUT employees to move to the area.
  3. Offer Relocation Resources: Supply practical resources and information to assist employees with the relocation process.
  4. Promote Upcoming Stores: Inform employees about the new IN-N-OUT Burger locations opening in Colorado Springs.
  5. Facilitate Relocation Applications: Create an easy-to-use section for employees to begin the relocation application process.
  6. Engage Through Multimedia: Utilize video production and promotional materials to create an engaging and informative experience.


  • Temporary Project: The website needed to be effective and engaging despite being up temporarily.
  • Comprehensive Information: Ensuring the website provided all necessary information and resources in a clear and concise manner.
  • Engagement: Creating engaging content that would entice employees to consider relocation.


  • Website Design & Development: Designed a visually appealing and user-friendly website with a focus on ease of navigation and accessibility. Key sections included:
    • Livability and Recreation: Highlighted the quality of life in Colorado Springs, including outdoor activities, cultural attractions, and community amenities.
    • Top 10 Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs: Presented compelling reasons for employees to relocate, such as lower cost of living, beautiful scenery, and strong community.
    • Upcoming Stores: Provided information on new IN-N-OUT Burger locations opening in Colorado Springs to generate excitement and interest.
  • Content Strategy: Developed a comprehensive content strategy to provide employees with all necessary information and resources. This included:
    • Relocation Resources: Offered practical resources such as housing information, moving tips, and local services to assist with the relocation process.
    • Make the Move!: Created a dedicated section for employees to begin the relocation application process, including application forms and contact information.
  • Video Production and Promotional Materials: Produced high-quality videos and promotional materials to showcase the benefits of living in Colorado Springs. This included:
    • Engaging Videos: Created videos featuring local attractions, testimonials from residents, and highlights of the IN-N-OUT Burger community.
    • Promotional Campaigns: Developed digital marketing campaigns to promote the website and encourage employee engagement.


  • ncreased Awareness: The website successfully raised awareness about the benefits of relocating to Colorado Springs, attracting significant interest from IN-N-OUT employees.
  • High Engagement: The engaging content, including videos and promotional materials, effectively captured the attention of employees, leading to increased participation in the relocation process.
  • Effective Resource Utilization: Employees found the relocation resources valuable, making the transition to Colorado Springs smoother and more informed.
  • Positive Feedback: The temporary website received positive feedback from both IN-N-OUT employees and the management team for its comprehensive information and engaging presentation.


  • The Discover Colorado Springs website project was a successful initiative that effectively communicated the benefits of relocating to Colorado Springs to IN-N-OUT Burger employees. By providing comprehensive information, engaging multimedia content, and practical relocation resources, we helped facilitate the relocation process and generated significant interest in the new IN-N-OUT Burger locations. This case study demonstrates our ability to create impactful and informative digital experiences, even for temporary projects, showcasing our commitment to excellence and client success.