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For over 15 years

Ghost has been honored to serve as the digital agency of record for IN-N-OUT Burger, a cherished and iconic Southern California brand. Our comprehensive and dynamic partnership has encompassed an extensive array of projects, including the development of multiple websites, mobile applications, social campaigns, branding initiatives, photography, video and broadcast production, social media management, marketing strategies, and branding efforts that span from sports stadiums to the Las Vegas strip.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has solidified our relationship with IN-N-OUT Burger, distinguishing us in a class of our own among independent agencies. The main website for IN-N-OUT Burger is a testament to our collaborative success, attracting millions of users each month. This robust platform features enterprise-level back-end development and an intuitive, unbreakable interface. Highlights include dynamic messaging tailored for individual stores, an efficient store locator, comprehensive customer service features, a bespoke content management system (CMS), and a sophisticated nutrition calculator.

Our journey with IN-N-OUT Burger is a story of relentless dedication, creative excellence, and a shared passion for delivering exceptional digital experiences.


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IN-N-OUT Burger

A Comprehensive Digital Partnership

Client: IN-N-OUT Burger
Industry: QSR / Hospitality
Project Duration: Ongoing for over 15 years
Services Provided: Website Development, Mobile App Development, Social Media Campaigns, Branding, Photography, Video Production, Broadcast Production, Marketing Strategy


IN-N-OUT Burger, a beloved brand with a rich heritage in Southern California, has been serving customers with its iconic menu since 1948. Known for its quality, simplicity, and customer-centric approach, IN-N-OUT Burger sought to enhance its digital presence and engage with its loyal customer base through innovative digital solutions.




The primary goal of our partnership with IN-N-OUT Burger was to create and maintain a digital ecosystem that reflects the brand’s values and enhances customer experience. Key objectives included:

  1. Website Excellence: Develop and maintain a main website that handles high traffic volumes while providing a seamless user experience.
  2. Mobile Engagement: Create mobile applications that offer convenience and functionality for on-the-go customers.
  3. Brand Consistency: Ensure cohesive branding across all digital and physical platforms.
  4. Social Media Presence: Develop engaging social media campaigns to foster community interaction and brand loyalty.
  5. Comprehensive Support: Provide ongoing support for marketing strategies, photography, video production, and more.


  • High Traffic Volume: Ensuring the website can handle millions of users each month without compromising performance.
  • Brand Consistency: Maintaining a consistent brand image across diverse digital and physical platforms.
  • Dynamic Content: Implementing dynamic messaging tailored for individual store locations.
  • User Engagement: Developing features that enhance user interaction and engagement.


  • Website Development: We built a robust, enterprise-level website with an intuitive interface. Key features include:

    • Dynamic Messaging: Customized messages for individual store locations to provide relevant updates and promotions.
    • Store Locator: An efficient store locator tool that helps users find the nearest IN-N-OUT Burger locations.
    • Customer Service: Comprehensive customer service features, including FAQs, contact forms, and support information.
    • Bespoke CMS: A custom content management system that allows IN-N-OUT Burger to easily manage and update website content.
    • Nutrition Calculator: A sophisticated tool that provides detailed nutritional information for all menu items.
  • Mobile App Development: Designed and developed mobile applications that offer features such as order tracking, location-based services, and personalized user experiences.

  • Branding and Marketing: Consistent and impactful branding across all platforms, including sports stadiums and high-profile locations like the Las Vegas strip. Our efforts include:

    • Social Media Campaigns: Engaging and interactive campaigns that foster community and brand loyalty.
    • Photography and Video Production: High-quality visual content that showcases the brand’s values and offerings.
    • Broadcast Production: Professional video and broadcast production for advertisements and promotional content.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous support for marketing strategies, ensuring that IN-N-OUT Burger remains at the forefront of digital innovation and customer engagement.


  • Increased Traffic and Engagement: The main website consistently handles millions of users each month, providing a seamless and enjoyable user experience.
  • Enhanced Mobile Presence: The mobile applications have been well-received, offering convenience and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Strong Brand Identity: A cohesive and strong brand presence across all digital and physical platforms.
  • Higher Customer Interaction: Increased engagement through social media campaigns, dynamic website features, and interactive tools.
  • Operational Efficiency: The bespoke CMS has streamlined content management, allowing for quick and efficient updates.


  • Our long-standing partnership with IN-N-OUT Burger is a testament to our ability to deliver comprehensive digital solutions that drive success. From website development and mobile apps to social media campaigns and branding, we have played a crucial role in enhancing IN-N-OUT Burger’s digital presence and engaging its loyal customer base. This case study highlights our commitment to excellence and our capacity to support iconic brands in achieving their digital goals.